Little Giant Pumps

The origins of Little Giant date back to 1941, with the world's first "self-contained electric motor-driven submersible pump".

Pump, Hose, Hydrant, and Aeration Product Manager

Called "a submersible vaporizer," this unique, patented pump design became the cornerstone for hundreds of different pump models Little Giant Pump Company manufactures.

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In fact, derivatives of that basic "self-contained electric motor-driven submersible pump" have become the standard for quality and reliability in water transfer applications throughout the world.

  Submersible Effluent
Series 14EH, 16EH, and 20E
  Submersible Sewage
Series 9S and 10S
  Submersible Effluent
Series 6E and 8E
  Submersible Sewage
Series 14S, 16S and 20S
  Submersible Effluent
Series 6E/10E High Temp

  Water Wizard
  Submersible Grinder/Shredder GP Series