Goulds Pumps

Pollardwater.com carries a full line of quality Goulds pumps. Goulds Pumps has been manufacturing high quality pumps for over 150 years.

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Goulds manufacturers pumps for water and wastewater.

Whether you need a pump for boosting water pressure, pumping from an excavation, or for a sewage lift station, Goulds is an excellent choice.

If you need sump, effluent, sewage, grinder, centrifugal, or booster pumps we can supply them quickly and at very competitive prices.

High Pressure - GB Series Submersible Sewage - 3888D4 Series
Submersible Contractor - 2DW Series Submersible Sewage - 4NS Series
Submersible Effluent - LEP Series Submersible Sewage - PV51 Series
Submersible Effluent -ST31 Series Submersible Sewage - WS Series - Standard Head
Submersible Effluent - WE Series Submersible Sewage - WS Series - High Head
Submersible Sewage - 3888D3 Series Submersible Sump - LSP Series