Need assistance with an Aeration application?

Ask our Aeration Division's manager, Todd Switzer.

E-mail: or Phone 800-437-1146 x 192

Pump, Hose, Hydrant, and Aeration Product Manager

  Aercor™/Norton™ Ceramic Dome-Membrane Kit   EDI PermaCap 5™ Coarse Bubble
  "Cap" Style Diffuser   EDI Replacement Disk Membranes
  Ceramic/PE to EDI Membrane Conversion Kit   EDI Replacement Tube Membrane Diffusers
  EDI FlexAir™ Disk Fine Bubble   EIMCO™ to EDI™ Conversion Kit
  EDI MaxAir™ Stainless Steel Coarse Bubble - Open Bottom   FlexAir™ Tube Diffusers
MaxAir Closed Diffuser   EDI MaxAir™ Stainless Steel Coarse Bubble - Closed Bottom   PVC Universal Diffuser Mount (UDM)
Jet Air-Seal Diffuser   Jet Air-Seal Diffuser Hydro-Ceal Diffuser   Hydro-Ceal Coarse Bubble Diffusers
        Dura-Disc Plus Diffusers