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LAB LAMOTTE Liner - Bench
Acid Cabinets 1200 Iron Colorimeter Liquid - LaMotte DPD
Alkalinity 1200 Fluoride Colorimeter Liquid Smoke
Ammonia 1200 Manganese Colorimeter Liquinox
Arsenic Arsenic Test Kit  
Bottles Bromine Test Kit LMI


DC1200 Chlorine Colorimeter Accessories

Cleaning Brushes

Hardness Test Kit Chemical Storage Tanks

Mason Jars

Iron Test Kit Degassing 4 Function Valves

Rectangular Bottles

Nitrate Test Kit Digi-Pulse Flow Monitors

Wide Mouth Bottles

Nutrient Removal Liquid Handling Assemblies
Bromine Smart3 Colorimeter Liquid Level Switches
Buffers Tracer PocketTester Micropace Analog to Digital
Cabinets, Safety Storage Winkler Test Kit Replacement Parts, Pro Pac
Chlorine Colorimeter   Series AA
Chlorine DPD Reagents   Series AA1, AA7 and AA9
Clamps Lamp, UV Dye Tracing Series B
Cleaning Brushes Lantern Flashlights Series B1, B7 and B9
Cleaning Products Lanyards, Fall Protection Series C


Latex Gloves Series C1, C7 and C9


LC-2500 Leak Correlator Series E7 Explosion Proof


LD-12 Leak Detector Series G-B Pump


LD-7 Leak Detector Wall Mount Bracket


Lead Bars and Bags  
Coats Lead Melting Tools  
Coliform Test Kit    
Conductivity Standards AquaScope Balls, EMS Markers
Conductivity Meters Blowers Goldak MLX
E-Coli Candles  
Eyewear FCS  
Flammable Storage Geophone Chicago Steel Tape (CST)
Flasks, Erlenmeyer LD-12 Leak Detector DML
Flasks, Volumetric LD-18 Leak Detector Fisher FP-ID 2100
Fluoride LD-7 Leak Detector Fisher FX3
Grab Samplers Reference Books Metrotech VM880
Graduated Cylinders Repairs, Service Center Pipehorn MD-450
Griffin Beakers Residential Leak Kit Schonstedt GA-52Cx
Hardness Probes Schonstedt GA-72Cd
Hot Plates Sonoscope Schonstedt GA-92XTd
Incubator, Microbiological Subsurface LD-12 Subsurface ML-1M
Iron Subsurface LC-2500  
Iron, Red-B-Gone   LOCATORS,LOOP
Jar Testing   Fisher M-66

Phipps & Bird Jar Tester

LIFTERS Fisher M-97
Kimwipe Task Wipers Extractor Vault Lid Remover Goldak 720
Manganese Manhole Cover  
m-ColiBlue 24 Super Duty Cover Remover LOCATORS - MAGNETIC DIP
Magnetic Stirrers Lifting Cage - Hydrant Aqua Locator
Microbiological Lifting Wedge Magnetomatic
Micro Sample Bags   Locatable Underground Tape
Micro Sample Vials LIGHTS  
Multi-Parameter Meters Hard Hat LOCATORS, REPAIR FORM
Nitrate Test Kits Pen Lights  
Oxygen, Dissolved, YSI 55 Pocket Lights LOCKS
Oxygen, Dissolved, YSI 550A Streamlight Litebox Barrel
Oxygen, Dissolved, YSI   Hydrant
Oxygen, Dissolved, Winkler Kit LINE TRACING ACCESSORIES KingLock Hydrant Lock
Oxygen, BOD Bottles Copper Tracing Wire Lockout/Tagout Station
Oxygen, BOD Meters Detectable Tape - Metallic Master Padlocks
Oxygen, BOD Winkler Test Kit Markout Flags Monitor Well Locking Plugs
Oxygen, BOD Incubator Markout Paint  
Oxygen, BOD Seed Markout Measuring Wheels Long Handle Meter Wrench
Oxygen, COD Reagents Measuring Tapes Lowboys
pH/ORP Buffers Measuring Wheels  
pH/ORP Checker Post Markers LOWELL
pH/ORP Replacement Probes   Double Shot Ratchet Set
Presence Absence Test LINE TRACERS Double Shot Socket Kit
Solids, Settleable 480B RF Pipe Locators Hydrant Wrench DS3

Graduated Cylinder

510 Pipe & Cable Locator Reversible MJ Ratchet

Imhoff Cones

880B Ferromagnetic Utility Angle Ratchet Set

Imhoff Cone Brushes

Aqua Curb & Valve Box Utility Socket Set

Settleometer Kits

CST 100, 101 & 102 Valve Key Socket Set
Balance Fisher TW-6  
Filter Flasks Fisher TW-8800 LPD-250 Dechlorinating Diffuser
Filter Funnels FX3 Ferromagnetic LPD-Chlor Tablets
Gravity Convection Oven GA52CX  
Muffle Furnaces GA72CD LUBRICANTS
Ohaus Balances Goldak 902 Hydroyl, Hydraulic Oil
Porcelain Dishes Goldak 5600-SI Hydrant Oil - A-51
Raven Centrifuge Goldak Triad Lube for Taps
Raven Process Control Kit Heath Sure Lock  
Raven Sludge Blanket Detector M-66 Locator  
Royce Portable TSS Meter M97 Locator  
Scientech Balances Magnetomatic  
Weighing Dishes Metrotech 480B  
Sludge Blanket Metrotech 510  

Sludge Judge

Pipe Tool, Plastic Pipe  

Sludge Judge II

Pipehorn 820 and 840  

Sludge Judge Ultra

PL 2000 Subsurface  

Raven Coretaker

Schonstedt XTpc  
Spill Trays Subsurface ML Series  
Stirring Bars Subsurface PL920  
Thermometers Vivax vLocCam Locator  

Turbidimeter, Benchtop


Secchi Disk


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