LPD-250 Diffuser
Tablet Fed Dechlorination made easy! Aluminum Body.
LPD-250 Low Flow  
LPD-250 Low Flow
Use with LPD-250 Series Dechlorinators for flows less than 200 GPM.
Super Dechlor Kit  
Super Dechlor Kits (LPD)
High PPM Cl2 or large volume LPD-250 Dechlorination. Uses Liquid Captor NSF.
Swimming Pool Dechlorination  
Swimming Pool Dechlorination
Typical LPD-250 Low Flow application.
Bazooka Liquid Fed Dechlorinator
Uses Liquid Captor NSF (see below).


Bazooka Tablet Fed Dechlorinator
Uses Tablets for Dechlorination.
BCI260-I Venturi  
BCI Venturi Dechlorinator
BCI 260i Dechlorinator for 2-1/2" Connection. Uses Liquid Captor NSF.
BCI Venturi  
BCI Venturi Dechlorinator
BCI 1500 Dechlorinator for 4 or
4-1/2" Connection. Uses Liquid Captor NSF.
Dechlor Demon  
Dechlor Demon (Hose Nozzle)
For use with 2-1/2" Hose Monster.
Dechlor Demon  
Dechlor Demon (Pumper Nozzle)
For use with 4 and 4-1/2" Hose Monster.
Dechlor Mats  
Dechlor Mats
Heavy Duty 24 Tablet Mats for emergency use on spills.
Gravel Snap Bag  
Gravel Snap Bags
Keeps Dechlor Mats / Bags in place better than sand bags.
  Bio-Max   Norweco Enviro-C Dechlor Tablets
  Bio-Neutralizer   Vita-D-Chlor Ascorbic Acid - Granular
  Captor NSF   Vita-D-Chlor Ascorbic Acid Tablets
  D-Chlor - 92.3% Sodium Sulfite   Vita-D-Chlor Neutral - Sodium Ascorbate
  Jet Chlor-Away   Vita-D-Chlor Slo-Tabs
  LPD-CHLOR Sodium Sulfite Tablets    
  Dechlorination Guide   Vita-D-Chlor Usage

Hach Colorimeter  
Chlorine Meter (Hach)
Free and Total Chlorine Measurement
Hach Colorimeter  
Chlorine Meter (Other)
A variety of other Cl2 Testing products.
Dechlor Guide  
Dechlorination Guide
Comprehensive guidance manual for disposal of chlorinated water.

Chlorine is widely used as a disinfectant by water utilities. Chlorinated waters from potable water systems are released to the environment through activities such as water main flushing, disinfection of new mains, distribution system maintenance, water main breaks, filter backwash and other utility operations. Although chlorine protects humans from pathogens in water, it is highly toxic to aquatic species in the receiving streams. In particular, chlorine may be toxic to many species protected under the Endangered Species Act, even at very low concentrations.

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