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Truck Mount Diffuser  
Truck Mounted Diffuser
Super hydrant diffuser which works off the back of your truck.
4 and 4.5 Inch Swivel Diffuser  
Komodo Hitch Diffuser
Used for high pressure flushing of your water system.
Godziller Diffuser  
Godziller Hitch Diffuser
Works great for emptying Tanks with high capacity diffusing.
Flushing Elbow  
Flushing Elbow
Flushing Elbow is perfect for flow redirection when flushing a hydrant.
Flushing Elbows  
Flushing Elbows
Reduce property damage by diverting the flow of a hydrant.
Flush Master  
Flush Master
Flushmaster can be used directly on the hydrant or
on a hose.
Truck Mount Diffuser   
Manhole Flush Stand
The manhole flush stand eliminates standing water in the street.
  Hose Anchor for Hydrant Flushing