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  AWWA M17 for Hydrants   Mueller Hydrant Oil
  TK99-E Backflow Test Kit   Not-in-Service Hydrant Bags
  Cap Ring Replacement   Out-of-Service Disks
  Diffused Flow Bypass and Relief Valve   Out-of-Service Hydrant Bags
  Food Grade Anti-Seize   Reflective Hydrant Paint
  Hydrant Steam Thawer   Rust-Oleum® Oil Based Hydrant Paint
  Hydrant Swivel Restrictor   Rust-Oleum® Water Based Hydrant Paint
  Invincible Seat Removal Tool   RPZ Test Kit
  Micro CA-300 Inspection Camera   TK9A Backflow Test Kit
  Mueller Break Flange Repair Kit   TK99-D Backflow Test Kit
  Mueller Centurion Hydrant Extensions  
  Double Shot Hydrant Wrench   Pollard Storz Wrench
  Hydrant Ratchet Wrench   Pollard Wrench and Spanner
  Mueller A-311 Operating Wrench   Reversible Ratchet Wrench
  Mueller A-316 Nozzle Wrench   Storz Spanner Wrenches
  Mueller Seat Removal Wrench   Style 15 Hydrant Wrench