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Mueller Seat Removal Wrench
Universal fit for Mueller hydrants, removes valve and seat ring through bonnet.
Invincible Seat Removal Tool
Removes and replaces hydrant seat in place, through bonnet.
Pollard Storz Wrench
Forged steel head fits all common operating nuts and fittings including Storz.
Pollard Wrench and Spanner
The industry standard due
to its unbreakable forged steel head.
Hydrant Ratchet Wrench
Quick ratchet action is great for tight spaces and is reversable.
Mueller A311 Operating Wrench
Fits nozzle caps, pin and lug hose couplings, operating nuts and hold down nuts.
Double Shot Hydrant Wrench
The Double Shot Wrench works on bonnet bolts and break flanges.
Reversible Ratchet Wrench
For repair couplings, clamps, flanges, tapping sleeves and mechanical joints.
Style 15 Hydrant Wrench
Plated hydrant wrench is 19 1/2" long and features flat plate on adjustable handle.
Mueller A316 Nozzle Wrench
Used to remove and install threaded hose and pumper nozzles.
Storz Spanner Wrenches
Standard Spanners. Single End Spanners, Universal Spanner, and Sets.
Turn-n-Count Wrench
Designed to turn Utility Valves and Fire Hydrants of all types and sizes.
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