AWWA C504, Class 150B, NSF 61 certified

Designed specifically for the waterworks industry, Lineseal III® butterfly valves offer the ruggedness and reliability required for buried servic and a key feature too often overlooked in underground valves — performance!

Lower head loss means getting the most from your pumping station dollar. Lower torques mean less costly actuation packages, and the maintenance-free design helps keep your budget under control.

Our 3"-20" valves feature a molded-in elastomeric seat which is bonded to the valve body. The bond is tested to ASTM D-429, Method B (minimum100-pound pull on 1"strip at 90° angle) to ensure the integrity of the bond.

The special configuration of the elastomeric seat resists cold flow and the likelihood of compression set, even when the valve is left in the closed position for extended periods. The streamlined disc profile reduces turbulence and head loss. The 316 stainless steel disc edge is applied by a non-transferred plasma arc process which provides superior bonding.

  • Body - Cast Iron ASTM A-126
  • Flanges drilled per ANSI B16.1 Class 125
  • Seat-in-body design reduces seat failure due to corrosive buildup in the valve and pipeline
  • Through-disc pinning provides a tight disc-to-shaft pin connection, greatly reducing the possibility of loosening through vibration
  • Disc edge is 316 Stainless Steel
  • Disc - Cast Iron ASTM A-126 (3", 4", 6" Stainless Steel ASTM A-743 CF8M)
  • Symmetrical disc for higher Cv and lower head loss
  • Nonmetallic bearings prevent galvanic corrosion and provides lower coefficient of friction
  • Cheveron "V" type packing is self-adjusting to last the life of the valve
  • 3"-24" Standard 304 SS hardware
  • All -06 and -6 valves below are Flange by Flange Gear Operator with Handwheel
  • All -23 Valves are MJ Gear Operator with Handwheel



QTY 04B3211-06L

4" Flange Butterfly Valve
Length: 5”, Weight (Lbs): 60

QTY 06B3211-6L

6" Flange Butterfly Valve
Length: 5”, Weight (Lbs): 81

QTY 08B3211-6L

8" Flange Butterfly Valve
Length: 6”, Weight (Lbs): 118

QTY 10B3211-6L

10" Flange Butterfly Valve
Length: 8”, Weight (Lbs): 201

QTY 12B3211-6L

12" Flange Butterfly Valve
Length: 8”, Weight (Lbs): 270

QTY 04B3211-23L

4" MJ Butterfly Valve
Length: 8-1/8”, Weight (Lbs): 43

QTY 06B3211-23L

6" MJ Butterfly Valve
Length: 8-1/2”, Weight (Lbs): 95

QTY 08B3211-23L

8" MJ Butterfly Valve
Length: 8-5/8”, Weight (Lbs): 122

QTY 10B3211-23L

10 MJ Butterfly Valve
Length: 9-1/4”, Weight (Lbs): 175

QTY 12B3211-23L

12" MJ Butterfly Valve
Length: 9-1/4”, Weight (Lbs): 240