DynatelT Pipe/Cable Locator - 2220M
Dynatel 220M Pipe and Cable Locator
  • Dual frequency output - allows user to select the frequency from the Receiver
  • Detects 50/60 Hz and 100/120 Hz Cathodic Protection Signals
  • Sonde Locating (512 Hz, 640 Hz and 33 kHz)
  • Single and dual peak modes with direction verifies location of the pipe/cable
  • Locator Index
  • 3M Index
  • 2250M Locator Series

The 2200M series locator is built specifically to find the path and estimated depth of buried cables and pipes. A transmitter and receiver combination provide the user with the right frequencies to trace ductile iron, cast iron and even plastic conduit using sondes.

2220M Receiver: Very Easy to use and Functional
Feedback given to the user in the form of both audible tones and visual indicators in the receiver make tracing much easier - a backlight in the receiver helps for low-light locates. Everything is at the users fingertips - from frequency and mode selections to the receiver gain and depth estimates. Gain adjustment is semi-automatic with manual override. Runs on 8 AA alkaline batteries for approx 30 hrs.

2220M Transmitter: Inductive, Conductive or Dyna-Couple
A very functional transmitter, from induction mode for locates where you can't get a direct connection to Dyna-Coupling around a wire or conduit to induce a signal, the 2220M transmitter is very versitile and features the frequencies you need.

Normal operation is 0.5W with high settings limited to 3 watts @ 8 kHz, 1 watt @ 82 kHz. Operates on 6 alkaline C batteries for 45 hrs on normal / 7 hrs high output settings.





QTY 2220MU3W

Advanced Pipe/Cable Locator, 3 Watt Transmitter and Carrying Bag, NO COUPLER


Advanced Pipe/Cable Locator with 3" Coupler, 3 Watt Transmitter and Carrying Bag