Cherne Plug Inflation Pumps
Air-Max™ Pro HV Econ-O-Pump


These pumps produce more air than the basic bicycle pumps available at the local store. The two models are available:

The Air-Max™ Pro HV model is the best choice for all plugs up to 15". The HV model is constructed of forged steel for durability and includes a solid wood handle, a metal thumb lock for an air tight seal to the plug and a 36" hose with strain relief. A gauge with a molded rubber cover is also mounted to the pump for convenience.

The Econ-O-Pump™ model features all steel construction with 18" hose, traditional thumb lock, a solid wood handle and a 140 psi gauge mounted to the pump.




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Air-Max Pro HV Inflation Pump

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Econ-O-Pump Inflation Pump