Utility Pipe Cutter
  • High speed, water cooled, diamond blade cuts square every time
  • Weighs only 17 pounds
  • Drive motor engages and disengages fast
  • Quick and easy pipe mount; just wrap hook and tension
  • Only 1 wrench required for set-up and operation
  • Convenient pump tank delivers cooling water to blade through guard nozzle
  • Pipe Cutter Specifications

The Utility Pipe Cutter was engineered for fast and effective pipe cutting of all different types of pipe.  One machine covers the full range of pipe sizes from 6"-24". The compact design and low radial clearance makes it ideal for in-line underground pipe cutting. 

A high-speed abrasive pipe cutter exclusively designed for in-line, underground utility pipe. Easily cuts cast iron, ductile iron, clay, PVC, aluminum, fiberglass and C-900 Plastic Pipe. Available in either Air powered or hydraulic models.

Ideal for Work in the Trenches
  • Lightweight, compact nature allows for convenient handling in tight excavations
  • "Slim" design requires only 8" of radial clearance
  • Operates pneumatically, hydraulically or using a portable gasoline engine with flexible shaft drive
  • Pivoting multi-position drive allows unencumbered rotation
  • Machine is self driven around pipe
  • Ensures continuous cuts at maximum cutting speed
  • Constant feed rate extends blade life
  • Eliminates operator fatigue and back injuries typically associated with manually operated machines
  • Power feed is engaged and disengaged with convenient finger trip lever
Set Up and Cut in Only Minutes
  • Simple set-up for one man in less than 5 minutes
  • "Quick Connect" threaded motor drive assembly installs conveniently without tools
  • Minimal operator training is required
  • Takes only one minute per diameter inch




QTY 29-000-02

Air Utility Pipe Cutter

QTY 29-000-03

Hydraulic Pipe Cutter

QTY 29-601-04

5" UPC Blade

QTY 29-601-06

6" UPC Blade