SharkBite 2XL Tools

Deburring and Depth Gauge Tool Clips, or De-Mount Tools

SharkBite 2XL (commercial) is an extensive range of fitting and ball valves available in sizes ranging from 1-1/4" to 2". The SharkBite 2XL is compatible with copper, PEX, or CPVC pipe and is certified for use in commercial and residential applications for potable water, hydronic heating, chilled water and general water distribution for irrigation.

The Deburring and Depth Gauge tool is used to remove burrs from the pipe and to ensure pipe surface is free of scratches and all debris. It also allows you to mark your proper insertion depth on the pipe which is critical to ensure a proper fit and seal.

The Clips, or De-Mount Tools, are used for a quick disconnect. Just slide the De-Mount clip down the pipe to engage the demount lugs on the fitting and rotate clockwise. This locks the unit in the open position leaving both hands free to be able to remove the pipe.




QTY 4596475

SBG03 Deburring and Depth Gauge Tool

QTY 4397620

SBDC35 - 1-1/4" De-Mount Clip

QTY 4397622

SBDC41 - 1-1/2" De-Mount Clip

QTY 4397625

SBDC54 - 2" De-Mount Clip

QTY 4596467

SBDC354154 - De-Mount Clip Set (all 3 sizes)

QTY 4397613

SBTL35 - 1-1/4" PEX Stiffener

QTY 4397615

SBTL41 - 1-1/2" PEX Stiffener

QTY 4397617

SBTL54 - 2" PEX Stiffener