Travel-Vac 300
  • Strong lifting capability
  • Largest capacity holding tank in its class
  • Handles solid and liquid debris safely
  • Clean out valve boxes particularly stubborn debris with no problem
  • Cleanup sludge and industrial spills fast
  • Vacuum water @ 100 GPM (5' head)
  • Lift solids as heavy as 25 lbs
  • Travel-Vac Specifications

Designed for valve box cleanout, the TRAV-L-VAC 300 handles solid and liquid debris safely and quickly. Available "skid mount" for operation from pick up truck beds or compact "trailer system" for towing to jobsites.

The TRAV-L-VAC 300 features strong lifting capability and the largest capacity holding tank in its class with a 2" debris inlet.

Built-in conveniences like integrated suction tube and hose storage, "bolt-on" trailer package, easy access/easy maintenance filtration system and the economy of one man operation, makes the TLV 300 a versatile and cost effective vacuum system.




QTY 59-000-01

Travel-Vac 300

QTY 59-401-01

Trailer Kit (Ball)

QTY 59-401-02

Trailer Kit (Pintle)