Omni Electronic Marker
Omni Marker

Omni Marker provides a new and better way to mark and locate underground facilities. Unlike other marking devices with a single coil, the Omni Marker contains three orthogonal tuned circuits.

When excited by a standard marker locator, these passive circuits produce a uniform, spherical RF (Radio Frequency) field in every direction. The Marker can easily be located up to five feet away.

Use it to locate buried splices, load coils, service drops, pipe ends, conduit stubs, road crossings, cable paths, fiber optic facilities, non-metallic lines, buried tanks or manholes.

The Marker is available in many different frequencies and industry standard colors for all utility applications. The most popular can be ordered below - but if you need a different frequency just give us a call. We can get them for you!

Markers are sold in case QTY of 24 pieces ONLY. Price below reflects individual marker price but orders must be in sets of 24 of all the same frequency.




QTY G016100011

Water (Blue) Frequency 145.7 kHz - purchase in lots of 24

QTY G016200011

Sewer/Sanitary (Green) Freq 121.6 kHz - purchase in lots of 24

QTY G016400011

Gas (Yellow) Frequency 83.0 kHz - purchase in lots of 24