ABM 2-Wire Ultrasonic Level Transmitters

  • 2-wire, loop powered
  • Simple push-button calibration
  • Reliable and easy to operate

The economical ABM 2-wire, loop powered ultrasonic level transmitters allow simple and reliable non-contact level measurement of luquids in a tanks, sumps or other containers. The microprocessor-controlled circuit generates a pulse that is transmitted from the transducer face. This pulse is reflected back from the surface of the liquid. The "round trip" transit time is then converted into the current output, which is directly proportional to the fluid level.

The simple push button calibration may be done after installation or bench calibrated with a suitable target. Red, yellow and green LED indicator lights signal calibration settings and operation status.

Use with any SCADA or process controller, or remote display.

Power:   12-28 VDC, loop powered
Output:   4-20 mA or 20-4 mA current
Conduit Entry:   1/2" NPT - plastic conduit
Materials Transducer & Enclosure:   NEMA 4X, PVC
Operating Temperature:   -40 to 140 degrees F (Transducer & Electronics)
Dead Zone:   Range Model dependent
Accuracy:   ±0.1% of max span
Lost Echo Hold Time:   30 seconds: output 22mA
Temperature Compensation:   In Transducer



QTY AB20009

Range FT: 0.4 - 9.0, Mount: 1" NPT, Resolution: 0.04"

QTY AB20016

Range FT: 0.6 - 16.0, Mount: 1.5" NPT, Resolution: 0.07"

QTY AB20020

Range FT: 0.7 - 20.0, Mount: 2.0" NPT, Resolution: 0.09"

QTY AB20030

Range FT: 0.8 - 30.0, Mount: 2.0" NPT, Resolution: 0.13"

QTY AB20050

Range FT: 0.9 - 50.0, Mount: 2.0" NPT, Resolution: 0.23"