Integrated Duplex Pump Controller
  • Pump Controller with Intrinsically Safe Inputs
  • Control Voltage: 24 or 120 VAC, ±10% 50/60 Hz
  • Control Switch:
    • Open Circuit; Voltage 5 VDC
    • Short Circuit; Current 0.1 mA
  • Power Required: 4 VA Maximum
  • Duty Cycle: Continuous
  • Response: Power up 3 sec ±5%, Inrush Current: 5 sec ±5%
  • Relays: (3) SPDT N.O. 10 Amp Resistive, 1/4 HP, 278 VA Inductive @ 120 VAC
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ARM Integrated Duplex Controller


This complete microprocessor based pump controller is designed to assure equal run time for each pump with a lead/lag/alternating control scheme.  LED indicators show the status of the unit's five intrinsically safe control switch inputs, one alarm and two load outputs.  H-O-A switches, a lead select switch and a test/clear button are provided for manual control.  The ARM series reduces the number of components required for this application by combining many functions into one unit.

UL913 Intrinsically Safe: Control Switch inputs are low voltage/low current and are electronically isolated from the control voltage and load alarm contacts.

Lead Select Switch: Disables the automatic sequencing function and allows loads to be locked into the 2-1 or 1-2 sequence.

Control Switch Fault Detection: Unit detects open and shorted control switch failures.

Test/Clear Switch: Verifies function and resets the control switch fault detection algorithm.

Alarm Output: Alarm contacts close when a control switch fails or the system's capacity is exceeded.

Inrush Current Delay: Reduces line sags by preventing both loads from energizing simultaneously.





Duplex Pump Controller, 120 VAC


Duplex Pump Controller, 24 VAC