Aqua Tap Hot (Wet Tap) Tapping Machine



Aqua Tap is the most complete, and efficient, hot (wet) tapping machine available. Performs taps (through corp. stops) for ¾", 1", 1½", and 2" service lines. Includes Dewalt 18V cordless drill, cutters, corp. stop adaptors, coupon ejector, and carrying case. Iron Pipe Size (IPS) and Copper Type Size (CTS) corp. adapters are included.

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Operating Instructions (Drilling)

  • Take Drill Rod and attach Desired Corp. Adaptor
  • Attach Desired Hole Saw
  • Spray Saw Tips With with approved lubricant, such as vegetable oil (all taps)
  • Join Unit To Corp. Stop (hand tighten only)
  • Attach Drill
  • Drill Hole (keep drill setting at LO Speed, and in Drill position.) (½ trigger for pvc taps)

Aqua Tap's extensive, in the field testing, has shown that a low RPM drill combined with the supplied hole saws, gives the best results. To prolong cutter life and insure a smooth tap, do not force, let the machine do the work.

Coupon/Plug Ejection

  • Place drill in reverse
  • Grab onto saw with pliers
  • Pull Trigger
  • Remove drill rod from drill and install Ejection Rod
  • Install Saw, & place drill forward
  • Grab onto saw with pliers
  • Pull Trigger

Important Tips
Do NOT use Aqua Tap for lines exceeding 100 psi water pressure.

Never use "Hammer Mode" on drill while performing taps.

When tapping steel or ductile iron pipe, the useful life of the carbide tipped cutter is diminished. The length of time needed to tap steel or DI will vary (wall thickness, etc.), but should take approx. 3 min. PVC taps should take less than 1 min. If delayed replace cutter.

Occasionally lubricate the O-rings in the rod housing. Tighten down cap against O-rings firmly to grip drill rod. If kickback occurs, replace O-rings.

Water leaking through fittings is normal. This does not mean tap is complete. Continue drilling until completely through the pipe wall.

Keep threads on end of drill rod oiled.





Complete Standard Kit for 3/4"-2" Taps