AWWA Elevated Water Tank DVDs

Part 1: Maintenance

Proper maintenance of water storage tanks is critical to a water utility's efforts to provide customers with a reliable supply of safe water, delivered at acceptable pressure.

This video provides a basic overview of tower and tank inspection and maintenance procedures. Cold weather concerns, corrosion, painting and coating, draining, and cleaning are discussed. Various types of water tanks and towers, components, operation, and efficient water-storage techniques also are described, making this video an excellent teaching tool for new employees. Part 2: Safety and Security

This video instructs in types of security measures, barriers, and technology available for protecting water towers from unwanted intrusion. Security of finished-water storage towers is of special concern to water providers. Being in many cases isolated and unprotected, water towers are relatively easy targets for physical damage or contamination. Contamination of finished water is difficult to detect and remove.

Large numbers of people can be harmed, or at the very least inconvenienced, by acts of sabotage on water towers. Injuries to trespassing tower climbers have resulted in expensive litigation. Even relatively harmless graffiti is costly to remove. Learn what your utility can do to help protect your water towers.




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Elevated Water Storage Tanks 2001, 2 Part DVD:
Maintenance - 20 mins.
Safety & Security - 20 mins.