B101 Tapping Machine

For drilling, tapping and inserting operations under pressure from ½" to 1"
B101Tapping Machine
  • Hand or power operation
  • Use on pressured or dry mains
  • Insert or extract corporation stops to 1" in size; pipe plugs to 1½"
  • Use on CI, DI, A/C, PVC, Steel pipe
  • 250 psig maximum working pressure with optional power clevis
  • Instructional Video

B101 Manual
88366 Cutting Grease MSDS
88366 Cutting Grease Cutting Grease
Drill & Taps Drill & Taps
Extractors Extractors

Inserting Tools Inserting Tools
H603 Power Drive Power Drives
Machine Saddles Saddles
B101 Shell Cutter Shell Cutters

Mueller B101 Machine can be used with a wide choice of cutting tools for wet or dry tapping almost every popular size and material of pipe.  It will drill, tap and insert corporation stops in mains under pressure.   A recent addition to the B-101 is a chip flushing valve to help keep chips from drilling and tapping operations out of the main.   Because of their simplicity and durable construction, the machines need little maintenance.  And with minimum instruction, even inexperienced personnel can quickly make leak-tight connections with this machine.

The B-101 comes complete with a ratchet handle, large (fits between the saddle and pipe) and small (fits between the machine and saddle) saddle gaskets, round link chain for 12" and smaller pipe, chain hooks/washers/nuts, open end wrench for E-Z inserting tools, box wrench for chain hook nuts and tool retaining screw, a body cleaning chisel, blow off valve, instruction manual, cutting grease, and a sturdy metal carrying case.

Equipment to be selected for use with the B101 machine:

B101 Repair Kit # 681844 includes one each of Friction Collar (580610), Retaining Pin (48130), Cutting Grease (88366), Wiper Ring (500887), Cap Packing (500687), Bearing (500692), Small Saddle Gasket (40066), Large Saddle Gasket (40067), Valve Body O-Ring (500670), By-Pass Valve Complete (682053), Gate Washer (500673) and Tool Retaining Screw (500694).

B101 Machine Tool Kit # 682293 contains the 3/4" and 1" supplies for making taps on 4-12" pipe. Includes the Combined Drills and Taps # 680539 (3/4") and 680540 (1"), Inserting Tools 680600 (3/4") and 680601 (1") and saddles for 4-12" pipe 75812 (4"), 75815 (6"), 75817 (8"), 40074 (10") and 75821 (12").




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B101 Tapping Machine

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