BCI In-Line Dechlorinator - Model 1500

The Pollard BCI 1500 In-Line Dechlorinator works great for both potable and new water main installations from 1 to 300 ppm chlorine/chloramines.
The Model 1500 flows up to 1500 gpm and can use either CAPTORTM NSF or Vita-D-ChlorTM NSF Granular to dechlorinate.
Attach to a hydrant using a 4.0 or 4.5 NST swivel connection or to blow off connections using adapters and Cam Lock Fittings.
The Pollard BCI 1500 is designed for the induction of non-corrosive chemicals into a fluid stream. It is designed for ease of use and it's design allows the operator to test incoming water at the inlet test valve for chlorine levels, and has a pitot centered in the stream to see actual flow while flushing.
The Pollard BCI 1500 allows for easy adjustment of inducted chemicals. Chemical injection into the fluid stream is controlled with a micro adjustable control knob with incremental markings.

The device will deliver from 0 gph to 90 gph of chemical neutralizer. The control knob range is closed to 5 full turns to maximum delivery setting, with incremental markings on each rotation.
Connection to Blow Off's Only:
If you are only going to need the 4" FNPT camlock fittings to connect to a blowoff pipe order BCI 1500 unit.
Connection to Blow Off's and 4" or 4.5" NST Hydrants:
If you would like to attach the BCI 1500 a hydrant using a 4" or 4.5" NST swivel connection, add the "HK4 or HK45" to the BCI 1500 part number.
Connection to Blow Off's / 4" or 4.5 NST Hydrants with 4" outlet hose & diffuser:
For a complete kit with swivel 4" or 4.5" NST inlet connection, 4" outlet connections going to a 15' long 4" diameter hose connected to a BCI Diffuser add the "HK4HD or HK45HD" to the BCI 1500 part number.

For lower volumes of water see our Model 260

BCI1500 in Case 4 inch only
BCI Diffuser Outlet
The BCI Diffuser has a hole
that can be used to stake it down.
4" FNPT Connection

BCI Diffuser Inlet
4 inch Diffuser hose & Y Di


BCI1500 with 4" Cam Lock fittings only


BCI1500 with 4" NST connection


BCI1500 with 4" NST fittings, 15' of 4" hose and diffuser


BCI1500 with 4.5" NST Connection


BCI1500 with 4.5" NST Connection, 15' of 4" hose and diffuser

QTY BCIDiffuser

Diffuser 4" female NPT Thread (only)