Economy BOD Incubator
  • Temperature Range: –10° to 45°C at 20°C ambient
  • Temperature Uniformity: ±0.5° at 20°C
  • B.O.D Bottle Capacity: 62 standard BOD bottles
  • Capacity: 113.3 L (4.0 cu. ft.)
  • Interior, W x D x H: 42.5 x 37 x 77.5 cm (163/4 x 141/2 x 301/2”)
  • Exterior, W x D x H: 59.7 x 55.9 x 84 cm (231/2 x 22 x 33”)
  • Shipping Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs.)


Space-saving low temperature incubator is ideal for small volume workloads. Easy-to-clean chamber is fully insulated for efficient temperature transfer, and corrosion-resistant to ensure a long, useful life. Gentle forced air circulation ensures the most reproducible test conditions. Chamber air is gently and continuously circulated at a rate that ensures temperature uniformity of all test samples. Equipped with hermetically-sealed compressor and an independent over-temperature safety controller. Can be calibrated to a reference thermometer on keypad control.

Supplied with two shelves that are adjustable in 2” increments. Steel exterior with welded seams and corners; double-coated, baked enamel finish. The 1 Amp interior outlet allows use of shakers, stirrers, roller bottles, or other apparatus. Supplied with adjustable leveling feet and three-wire cord/plug.

Features: Microprocessor Control, CFC-Free Refrigerant, Digital Display of Temperature, Easy Keypad Set and Calibration, Safety High/Low-limit Thermostat, Over/Under Counter, Gentle Forced Air Circulation, Interior Electrical Outlet, Two-Year Limited Parts and Labor Warranty




QTY LVW35960056

Economy BOD Incubator 110V