Allegro Ducting Storage


Durable 8", 12" and 16" diameter racks are designed for rugged use. The canister design includes a lid that is secured with a strap and side release plastic buckle. Canisters hold 25' of 8" or 12" ducting.

The Duct Storage Bag is made of polyester with a cyliinder shape for tight controlled fit that will hold ducting up to 20" in diameter and up to 25' in length. Features a double zipper for ease of access, reinforced carry handle and shoulder strap.


  QTY SAL9500-35

Storage Rack for 8" Ducting

   QTY SAL9600-36

Storage Rack for 12" and 16" Ducting

   QTY SAL9500-55

Storage Canister for 8" Ducting

   QTY SAL9550-55

Storage Canister for 12" Ducting

   QTY SAL9500-45

Storage Bag for 8" Ducting

   QTY SAL9600-45

Storage Bag for 12", 16" or 20" Ducting