Sludge Mixers

Revolutionary design
Handles fibrous slurries without plugging
Save money on properly blended polymer

In the past, several industries have typically avoided the use of static mixers as due to their tendency to plug or foul. In response to this problem, Kofl o developed and patented a revolutionary static mixer that is void of pinch points or intersecting elements. The Series 365 sludge mixer is able to handle even the most fibrous slurries without plugging. Each mixer contains a series of alternating right and left hand elements, which blend the product stream with counter rotating vortices.


One of the primary uses of the Koflo sludge mixer is for sludge conditioning. Flocculants injected before the mixer are thoroughly blended with the waste stream prior to a filter press or other dewatering equipment. Substantial cost savings are realized when activated polymer is thoroughly blended with the waste stream. These savings can be up to 40% depending on the current process in use.

Standard materials of construction for the Series 365 sludge mixer include Ductile Iron/316 SS, PVC, carbon steel, and stainless steel.




QTY CKF40001

Size: 4", Length: 33", Port: NO

QTY CKF40002

Size: 4", Length: 38", Port: YES

QTY CKF40003

Size: 6", Length: 50", Port: NO

QTY CKF40004

Size: 6", Length: 55", Port: YES