Superior CL-1 and CL-15 Gas Chlorinators

Valve Mounted Regulator
Rate Valve/Meter       Ejector Assembly

Auto Switchover Module

Simple and durable design
Easy operation and maintenance
3-year warranty

The SUPERIORT Series CL-1 Gas Chlorinator is a state-of-the-art, vacuum-operated, solution feed type which mounts directly on a chlorine cylinder valve with a very heavy-duty, positive yoke clamp connection. A chlorine gas flow meter panel indicates the amount of chlorine being fed and may be located wherever it is safest and most convenient. The CL-1 package includes valve mounted chlorinator, rate valve/meter, ejector assembly, 25 ft of tubing, 10 lead gaskets, a cylinder wrench and a vent screen.

The SUPERIORT Series CL-15 Automatic Switchover Gas Chlorinator is a state-of-the-art, totally vacuum-operated system designed to automatically switch chlorine feed from an empty cylinder to a full cylinder. The Series CL-15 allows round-the-clock chlorination without being concerned about running out of chlorine when the system is unattended. A vacuum operated switchover module is mounted on the wall and connected to both chlorine vacuum regulators. The CL-15 package includes 2 valve mounted chlorinator, auto switchover module, rate valve/meter, ejector assembly, 50 ft of tubing, 20 lead gaskets, 2 cylinder wrenches and 2 vent screens.

Max feed rate for both the CL-1 and the CL-15 is 100 PPD. Chlorine flow rate is manually adjusted and the design permits easy addition of a number of automatic flow rate control devices. A high efficiency, water operated ejector produces the vacuum necessary to operate the system. The ejector assembly contains a back-flow check valve system to prevent pressurized water from entering the chlorinator. A spring-opposed diaphragm vacuum regulator controls the chlorine gas flow rate and also acts as the safety shut-off valve.




QTY CSU10001

CL-1 Single Tank to 100 PPD

QTY CSU10015

CL-15 2-Tank Auto Switchover System