3MT DynatelT EMS-iD Marker Locator 1420

Locating underground utilities without any doubt
3MT DynatelT Electronic Marker System (EMS) Marker Locator 1420- iD are microprocessor-based systems that incorporate advanced digital signal processing techniques to quickly and efficiently locate underground facilities-even years after construction or maintenance. Designed to be more accurate, faster and more integrated, the 1420-iD EMS marker locator allow you to accurately and easily:

Detect more information about underground utilities

A feature exclusive to the 1420-iD locator is the ability to read, write and lock programmed information into the 3MT RFID Electronic Marker System.

Information such as a pre-programmed unique identification number, facility data, owner information, application type, placement date and other details from up to 100 markers can all be stored with date/time stamp and GPS coordinates*, and transmitted back to your PC through a standard RS232 serial port or USB Connection for enhanced resource management.
* When connected to standard NMEA compliant GPS devices.

Accurate even in congested areas the 1420-iD locator is unaffected by metal conduit or pipe, metallic conductors, fences, AC power or electronic markers for other utilities. Multiple markers or the same type located at close proximity can be read individually using this system.

Exclusive GPS system adds accuracy with ease
The 3MT DynatelT Electronic Marker System Marker Locator 1420-iD is compatible with select GPS/GIS field mapping instruments for realtime mapping of marker placement. The customized Dynatel interface commands the GPS/GIS device allowing even a generalist field technician to perform real-time mapping. It's a simple system for mapping marker placement and saving information directly into CAD and GIS systems.

The electronic export of this information in GIS format creates an automated paperless system for records updating, making positive locates in the field easier than ever.


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EMS-ID Marker Locator Read/Write


ID Ext Range Ball Markers, Water each


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