Kupferle's Eclipse 9700 Flusher

  • Attaches to any 2-1/2" NST Nozzle
  • Approved Green Project Funding Program
  • Maintain consistently safe residuals
  • Remove old water before DBPs form
  • Flush at night when demand is low
  • Adjustable flow rates up to 200 gpm
  • Operates on 9 volt batteries
  • Lockable, secure aluminum enclosure
  • EPA approved for water conservation

Multi-Directional Diffuser

The Eclipse model 9700 Portable Automatic Flushing system delivers the best in flushing performance and value! Designed and engineered specifically for automatic flushing, the 9700 provides excellent flow rates up to 200 gpm to improve and maintain disinfectant residual levels and flush disinfectant by-products (DBPs) to keep water "fresh" and "safe" for consumers.

The 9700 can be easily threaded to any fire hydrant, and can be alternated between hydrants throughout the system. 1" option also available - up to 65 gallons per minute.

The Eclipse 9700 comes standard with an aluminum lockable enclosure and a 2-1/2" NST swivel connection. Each unit contains a solenoid valve and self-contained digital controller. The 9700 allows for 9 flushing cycles per day at up to 4 hours of flush time per cycle. Each unit comes with a perforated floor to diffuse flushing water. The perforated floor can be removed to redirect flushing water through a hose.

Basket - Above Collars - Below



QTY KU19701

Eclipse 9700, 2" Connection, 200 gpm, Red

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Eclipse 9700, 2" Connection, 200 gpm, Yellow

QTY KU19703

Eclipse 9700, 1" Connection, 65 gpm, Red

QTY KU19704

Eclipse 9700, 1" Connection, 65 gpm, Yellow

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Multi-Directional Diffuser - for 2" Model #9700

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Security Collar, Red

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Security Collar, Yellow

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Sampling Point Bibb

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Dechlorination Basket for 2" Model #9700

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Vita-D-Chlor, 140 Tablet Pail

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LPD-Chlor Tablets, 140 Tablet Pail