Electric Valve Operator

  • Maximum torque 350 ft
  • Maximum speed 40 rpm
  • Gear ratio switch for low or high speed range
  • Reversible direction
  • Direction of rotation indicator

Wach's high speed valve operator is a limited production operator built for the service industry. Sacrificing high torque output for speed, the tool is advantageous in situations where the valve is already in good working condition but annual cycling needs to be done quicly. These tools are built to order in quantities and may or may not be availble from inventory.

Operates all valve 6" to 60" and other equipment requiring mechanized turning. Built in digital counter display with 1-revolution increments and push button reset. Power: 110V, 60 Hz AC; requires at 15 amp or 3500 W generator.




QTY U10-010-00

Electric Valve Operator

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