F-300 Installation Instructions


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Caution: Follow these tips to avoid failure.

Danger: Wear eye protection when installing or removing Flowmeter.

General: F-300 series Flowmeters should only be used on the size and type of pipe for which they were intended. Incorrect use will result in inaccurate readings and leakage problems.

  • Install the Flowmeter with at least the minimum dimensions called for in installation drawings. For all units except F-30600 & F-30800, drill a 5/8" to 11/16" hole at the at the top center of the pipe. For F-30600 & F-30800 drill a 3/4" or 11/16" hole. Carefully remove all burrs. Insert the pitot tube, with gasket in place, into the drilled pipe. Tighten the clamps alternately, a little at a time. Make certain the flow direction is towards the pitot tube opening.

Blue-White® guarantees the meter is suitable with air and water only.

PLEASE NOTE: Acrylic can be adversely affected by ultra violet light. Protect Flowmeters from direct sunlight.


* Minimal Flowmeter maintenance is required. Should the meter fail to read, make certain the pitot tube opening is unobstructed, that the pitot tube opening faces the direction of the flow, and that you have installed the meter on the correct type and size pipe.

Cleaning: The Flowmeter body and all other parts can be cleaned by washing in a mild soap and water solution. A soft bristle brush will simplify cleaning inside the meter body. Note the floats up position for re-assembly.





Pressure and temperature limits are inversely proportional. At the maximum suggested pressure the temperature should approach 190°F / 88°C; at the maximum suggested temperature the pressure should approach zero psi.

We cannot guarantee our Flowmeters will not be damaged either at or below the suggested limits simply because of many factors which influence meter integrity; stress resulting from meter misalignment, damage due to excessive vibration and/or deterioration caused by contact with certain chemicals as well as direct sunlight.

These situations and others tend to reduce the strength of the materials from which the meters are manufactured.

Flowmeters are tested and calibrated for water or air only.

Although meters may be suitable for other chemicals, Blue-White cannot guarantee their suitability.


F- 300 Series

English System

Letter Dimension
A 6 -7/16 in 
B 2 -1/2 in.
C 1 in
D 1 -9/16 in
E 5/8 in

F- 300 Series

Metric System

Letter Dimension
A (174.6 mm)
B (63.5 mm)
C (25.4 mm)
D (39.7 mm)
E (15.9 mm)


Your Blue-White Flowmeter was designed to be easy to install.

Please read the Instruction Guideline on the next page before installing your Flowmeter.

This Flowmeter is an instrument, and special care should be taken when installing.

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Meter Body: Acrylic
Floats: #316 Stainless Steel, Hastelloy
Scale: Permanent Silkscreen
Max Pressure: See Temp vs. Pressure chart
Max Temp: See Temp vs. Pressure chart


Replacement Parts List
Key Description Part Number
1 O-Ring for cap /F-300NP(NT) models C-502V
1 Cap Plug for all F-300, D-300 & U-300 F-3005
2 Cap Plug for F-300N units   91001-088
3  Mounting Clamp, F-30100P, F-30100T, F-30125P & F-30125T  F-3028
3 Mounting Clamp, F-30200P, F-30200T, F-30150P, F-30150T, F30150NP(NT), &  F30200NP(NT) F-3040
3 Mounting Clamp, D-30150P, D-30150T, D-30200T, F-30250T, U-30150P, U-30150-T, U-30200T F-3044
3 Mounting Clamp, F-30250P  F-3048
3 Mounting Clamp, F-30300T, D-30200P, U-30200P F-3052
3  Mounting Clamp, F-30300P F-3056
3 Mounting Clamp, F-30400T F-3064
3 Mounting Clamp, F-30400P F-3072
3 Mounting Clamp, F-30600P, F-30600T F-3116
3   Mounting Clamp, F-30800P, F-30800T   F-3152
4 Float, #316 S.S., for all D&U-300 series except low flow rate "R" & "N" units F-3001
4 Hastelloy Float, may be used on all D&U-300 and F-300 units except "R" models   F-3001H
4 Float, stainless steel for F-300NP(NT) models 90007-549
5 Gasket Seal, for all pipe & tubing units through 4" O.D. F-3003
5 Gasket Seal, for all pipe & tubing units 6" through 8" O.D. F-3004
5 Screw #6-32X1-1/4", F-30100 through F-30200, pipe & tubing, except "R" models F-3018