Curb Box Locking Device

  • Made of heavy duty carbon steel
  • Cadmium plated to resist corrosion
  • No tools needed for installation
  • Available for curb box sizes 2"-4" (I.D.)
  • Effectively resists tampering attempts with household or makeshift tools
  • Easily removed with special key
  • Combinations available

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To Install:  Drop the locking device into the proper size curb box.   Installation is complete!

Note:  DO NOT USE the Key or other tools to lower the locking device into the curb box.

To Remove:  Position Key in curb box until contact is made with the locking device.

Press down firmly BUT, NOT WITH EXCESSIVE FORCE.  The key will engage the lock receptacle of the locking device.

Pull the Key and Locking Device up and out of the curb box.  Break the connection between the key and the locking device by bending the key and the lock at an outward angle.  The Key and Lock will easily separate. 

The Curb Box Locking Device works best when installed 3' to 6' below grade in a relatively clean curb box.  Always install cover on top of curb box after installing locking device.


LockingDeviceInstall.JPG (27560 bytes)                LockingDeviceInstall2.JPG (9446 bytes)