Goldak 902 Locator

  • Half the size of a standard split box locator
  • Output frequency of 126 kHz
  • 50 hours on 4) C batteries
  • Most rugged, compact and accurate split-box pipe and cable locator available today
  • Cost effective work horse


This locator not only locates pipe and cable, but has a unique feature which allows the user to locate metallic objects (valve boxes, manholes, service line boxes) at the touch of a button. The Model 902 features lighted tracking display, noise and static-free operation, single knob control and automatic low battery indicators.

Experience the most rugged, compact and reliable split-box pipe and cable locator today!  The preferred split-box locator of industry professionals.  This is a cost effective-work horse.

Each component is only 8 1/2" x 6 1/4" x 2 1/2".  It is versatile with multiple locating modes and selection of power levels.

It is equipped with the patented SI super Induction Antenna Noise and static-free operation.  With a single knob control.  It is compact and easy to store.

  • Helps do blind searches where the target conductor may not be known
  • Pipe and cable locating with the push of a button
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Fold out design
  • Automatic location of underground substructures
  • Locates without inductive and conductive coupling
  • Reveals unmarked and unkown utility lines
  • Available as an accessory or a complete system
The Sub-Scanner is used in conjunction with the Model 902 allowing the user to locate metallic pipe, cable and conduit without knowing the utilities origin. This unit is excellent for locating unmarked and unknown utility lines which are often damaged during excavation. It may also be used as a metal detector to locate valves, manhole covers, valve caps and other large masses to extreme depths.



QTY P837

Goldak 902 Pipe and Cable Locator


GC-2 Inductive Clamp - 5-1/4" Diameter

QTY GD93D300

Sub-Scanner Handle for Locator

QTY GD31A902

Mini Headset for 902