Heron Dipper-T Water Level Meters

  • Easy read tape manufactured to ASME standards
  • Submersible pressure/depth rated probe is standard
  • Tape guide, well casing hanger & padded case included

The Dipper-T water level indicator is used for measuring the depth of water in wells, boreholes and standpipes. The Dipper-T will signal water with a bright LED light and solid buzzer tone allowing the user to make water level measurements accurate to 1/100th ft or to each millimeter. The Dipper-T is designed for long, reliable service with encapsulated electronics, sturdy frame, tough nylon reel and stainless steel axle.

The Dipper-T uses the premium high tensile steel, easy read yellow tape jacketed in clear polyethylene. This accurate high strength engineering grade tape is manufactured to the ASME standard of accuracy. The flexible tape winds smoothly onto the tough Nylon reel while the dog-bone cross section prevents the tape from sticking to wet surfaces and well casings.

The Dipper-T comes with a standard 5/8 inch (16mm) diameter fully submersible, leak proof probe up to 3500ft. The dipper-T probe is designed for easy cleaning by eliminating any holes and recesses that would allow build up of contaminants. The 7" stainless steel probe is attached to the tape using a flexible linking device that allows the tape and probe to be protected at this vital junction.


Available Options:

  • Temperature reading probe and electronic module
  • Well depth indicator probe
  • Well casing indicator probe
  • Narrow 3/8 probe
  • Potable Water Only model

Call or email for options and replacement parts.


The Skinny Dipper has all the great features of the Dipper-T but is used for measuring in tight places like crowded wells, boreholes and standpipes. It is specially designed for narrow tubes and piezometers. With its 0.24" tape and slim 1/4" diameter probe, the Skinny Dipper will get the job done where larger units would hang up or jam. An optional weighted probe is available.




QTY HE20100

Tape Length FT: 100

QTY HE20150

Tape Length FT: 150

QTY HE20200

Tape Length FT: 200

QTY HE20300

Tape Length FT: 300

QTY HE20400

Tape Length FT: 400

QTY HE20500

Tape Length FT: 500

QTY HE20600

Tape Length FT: 600

QTY HE20750

Tape Length FT: 750

QTY HE21000

Tape Length FT: 1000

QTY HE21500

Tape Length FT: 1500

QTY HE22000

Tape Length FT: 2000

QTY HE30100

Tape Length FT: 100

QTY HE30200

Tape Length FT: 200

QTY HE30300

Tape Length FT: 300

QTY HE30500

Tape Length FT: 500