Heron Oil/Water Interface Meters

  • Certified intrinsically safe to CSA/NRTL standards
  • Easy read tape manufactured to ASME standards
  • Hydrocarbon resistant Kynar jacketing on tape
  • Tape guide/hanger, carry bag and cleaning kit included

The Heron H.Oil and Sm.Oil interface meters are precision instruments are used to accurately measure the thickness of product layers (LNAPL) as thin as 1mm (1/200ft) floating on the water table and sinking layers (DNAPL) quickly, easily and accurately. The fully pressure proof probe is 5/8" (16mm) in diameter and is ideal for wells, piezometers and direct push equipment. The H.Oil will signal oil with a solid tone and light. The Sm.Oil will signal water with an intermittent tone and a flashing light.

Both models use a premium high tensile steel, easy read yellow tape jacketed in clear Kynar. The Kynar jacketing can withstand attack from hydrocarbons, solvents and other harsh contaminates. This accurate high strength engineering grade tape is manufactured to the ASME standard of accuracy. The tape is marked to engineering scale: Feet and tenths with markings every 1/100ft and Meters and Centimeters with markings every mm.

The H.Oil and Sm.Oil meters come with a standard 5/8 inch (16mm) diameter fully submersible, leak proof probe up to 1000ft/300m. The stainless steel probe is attached to the tape using a flexible linking device that allows the tape and probe to be protected at this vital junction. The lens at the end of the probe is protected by a stainless steel shield. The emitter at the tip sends a beam of infra red light through the lens to the detector. This process identifi es conductive liquid (water) and none conductive liquid (product) to give the appropriate signal.




QTY HE50050

Tape Length FT: 50 Small Reel

QTY HE50060

Tape Length FT: 60 Small Reel, Oil

QTY HE50100

Tape Length FT: 100'

QTY HE50150

Tape Length FT: 150'

QTY HE50200

Tape Length FT: 200'

QTY HE50300

Tape Length FT: 300'

QTY HE50500

Tape Length FT: 500'
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