Vivax Metrotch HL10 Acoustic Leak Detector


An easy-to-use, compact, hand-held equipment with acoustic and visible values for leak survey and pinpointing.


  • Acoustic properties enable it to reliably locate small leaks
  • 3 filter settings allow the equipment to be perfectly adjusted to the individual task and suppress interfering background noise
  • The visual LED indicator assists the leak location procedure
  • Simple, one-handed operation enables multiple assignments effortlessly
  • By pressing the mute switch, it will store the current measurement. Users can select best settings for the particular leak situation by using the volume and sensitivity control
  • LED light is integrated for improving visibility in low light areas
  • Greater versatility is gained by combining the HL10 with sensitive GM80 wind protected ground microphone
  • Heavy duty contact mic is also available



QTY P856

HL10 Acoustic Leak Detector

QTY P85601

Optional Heavy Duty Microphone