The 2" Inline Pitotless Nozzle®


The In-Line Pitotless Nozzle measures water flow-rate from a hose valve, pressure reducing valve, hydrant nozzle, between two lengths of 2-1/2" hose, or just about any 2-1/2" outlet. Hose or piping can be attached downstream of the unit without affecting the accuracy of the readings.

Common applications include:
  • Stairwell standpipe flow testing
  • Pressure reducing valve flow testing
  • Fire pump flow testing
  • Fire flow testing of hydrants
  • As an in-line flow meter for fire pumps
The In-line Pitotless Nozzle Kit includes the following items configured in a padded case. Each component can be sold as a separate line item.
  • 2" Pitotless Nozzle (Threaded)
    1-1/8" or 1-3/4" available upon request
  • Differential Chamber, 2-1/2" NH Female Swivel x 11"
  • Differential Gauge, 1/2% full scale accuracy rated; 0-100 PSI
  • Gauge Tubes. Two 1/4" x 12" tubes with push-to-connect tube fittings and male quick disconnects
  • Discharge Valve, 2-1/2" NH Slow close valve for controlling water discharge included in kit
  • Equipment Case, Seahorse CASE720; Air tight and crush resistant; 19.75" L x 15.53" W x 7.48"D
2" In-line Pitotless Nozzle Kit
  • The 2" In-line Pitotless Nozzle reads flows from 500-1430 GPM
  • Perfect for measuring flow-rates where job conditions do not allow water discharge such as stairwells or rooftops
  • The versatility of the In-line Pitotless Nozzle allows for accurate flow-rate readings when discharging into a closed-loop system, a drain, a hose, or open atmosphere
  • Read flow-rates at the test header while discharging at hose end
  • Use three interchangeable Pitotless Nozzles to measure as low as 90 GPM up to 1400 GPM
1-1/8" 1-3/4" 2"
Optional Accessories
  • 2-1/2" Stream Shapers. To minimize hose-burn.
  • 30° or 45° Elbows. To angle the hose or the In-line Pitotless Nozzle to meet job conditions.




2" Inline Pitotless Nozzle Kit