Hach Fluoride Pocket Colorimeter II
  • Colorimetric Fluoride
  • 0.03 to 2 mg/l
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Economical


The Pocket Colorimeter II Instrument really can be carried in your pocket! Weighing in at only .23 kg (8.1 oz), it even floats if accidentally dropped in water. Accurate, Reproducible Measurements Despite accuracy comparable to a lab instrument, the low-cost Pocket Colorimeter II is simple enough to use that anyone can obtain reliable results.  USEPA approved/accepted for drinking water and wastewater.

Accuvac Reagents offer a convenient alternative to measuring reagents. Ampoules contain the precise amount of reagent for a single test and can be used as a measurement cuvette. Just immerse the tip of the ampoule in your sample and break off the tip. The glass ampoules are vacuum packed and automatically draw in your sample. Then place the ampoules directly in the colorimeter for analysis.

Pocket Colorimeter II Analysis System, Fluoride, 0.03 to 2 mg/L, with reagent set (50 tests), manual, and carrying case.




QTY LHC58700-05

Hach Fluoride Pocket Colorimeter II Kit

QTY LHC44449

Replacement 500 mL SPADNS Reagent for 125 Tests

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Replacement Accuvac Fluoride Reagents 25 Tests