Royce Sludge Blanket Detector


The graphical displays on the Model 2511A provide at least three very useful functions: (1) During start up, the customer is instructed, step by step, through the programming parameters which make the analyzer operable; (2) Profiles the entire liquid column of the tank, showing ALL solids interfaces. This will continually update stored information as sounding data is revised; (3) A trend of the interface level of interest, covering up to the last 24 hours, will continually be updated and available to the graphical display with the press of a button.

The microprocessor in both instruments is also used to provide a flexible, convenient customer interface with simplified setup, calibration, and troubleshooting procedures. The displays, setpoint relays, and remote outputs are all under direct microprocessor control. As a result, data is scaled easily to suit the specific needs of the customer.

Separate back lit, digital and graphical displays provide the numerical location of the desired solids interface, as well as a profile of the entire clarifier in real time. This profile visually depicts each interface in the clarifier and labels their individual levels. The amount of ultrasonic energy required for the reading is also shown on the graphical display; this informs the user of the relative signal absorption present in the clarifier at the time of the reading.

The fiberglass NEMA 4X instrument enclosure can be mounted on a vertical or horizontal  handrail, or a wall. The ultrasonic sensor with 25 feet of cable mounts on either a fixed support or a swing out bracket.

Designed specifically for the Model 2511A analyzer, this economical sensor uses a single crystal to both transmit and receive. Constructed of the same material as the 25DN; it is used in non-chemical applications where the maximum temperatures do not exceed 175O F (80O C). Its physical size allows the sensor to be inserted into a pipe with an I.D. of 3".  It incorporates a 3/4” 316 Stainless Steel nipple for customer supplied pipe mounting.




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Royce 2511A Sludge Blanket Interface Analyzer Wall Mount


Royce 25SHE Ultrasonic Sensor with Quick Release Handrail Mount Plus Swing out Bracket


Sensor De-bubbler for 25 Series Sensors

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Stainless Steel Sunshade for analyzer enclosures

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Sensor Handrail Bracket

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Sensor Swing Out Bracket

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Rail Mounting Kit for Controller

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Controller Heater, 115 V