Keller Levelgage Transmitter
  • Reliable level sensing for many applications
  • Built-in lightning protection
  • Custom ranges and cable lengths

The Levelgage by Keller America is designed for indefinite submersion in a wide variety of liquid media. It provides a temperature-compensated analog output proportional to the height of the liquid column above the transmitter. Intended for general purpose monitoring and control applications, the Levelgage is a smart choice for OEMs, system integrators and end users alike. Keller America's guaranteed lightning protections makes this transmitter ideal for installation in areas prone to chronic damage due to transients caused by lightning.

NOTE: Custom ranges and cable lengths are availalble. Contact us for a quote.

Wetted Materials:   316SS, Polyamide, fluorocarbon
Cable:   Hytrel, vented
Static Accuracy:   ±1.0% (Optional ±0.5%) FS T.E.B.
Power:   10 - 30 VDC (2-wire loop powered)
Output:   4-20 mA, 2-wire
Operating Tempreature:   -10 to 80 degrees C
Dimensions:   0.825" OD x 4.29" L
Surge Protection:   2,000A @ 8/20 µS



QTY KA30010

Range: 0-10 Ft, 0-4.34 PSI, 15' Cable Length

QTY KA30020

Range: 0-20 Ft, 0-8.67 PSI, 25' Cable Length

QTY KA30030

Range: 0-30 Ft, 0-13.00 PSI, 35' Cable Length

QTY KA30040

Range: 0-40 Ft, 0-17.34 PSI, 45' Cable Length

QTY KA30060

Range: 0-60 Ft, 0-26.00 PSI, 65' Cable Length

QTY KA30080

Range: 0-80 Ft, 0-34.67 PSI, 85' Cable Length

QTY KA30100

Range: 0-100 Ft, 0-43.34 PSI, 105' Cable Length

QTY KA30150

Range: 0-150 Ft, 0-65.01 PSI, 155' Cable Length

QTY KA30200

Range: 0-200 Ft, 0-86.68 PSI, 205' Cable Length

QTY KA30250

Range: 0-250 Ft, 0-108.35 PSI, 255' Cable Length

QTY KA30300

Range: 0-300 Ft, 0-130.02 PSI, 305' Cable Length

QTY KA10000

Extra Cable, per foot

QTY KA11111

Drying Tube Assembly for Vent