B-KER² Square Lab Jars

Now you can draw your jartest samples with a minimum of disturbance to the settling flow.

Phipps & Bird's B-KER Laboratory Jar has a sampling port conveniently located at the 10cm settling-distance level.

There's no need to raise JarTester paddles. Simply open the ball valve & your sample is gently drawn off.



The B-KER2 Jar is constructed of strong, durable 1/4 inch thick acrylic. Its square shape provides thorough mixing action and, in many cases, accurately duplicates actual plant conditions.

The B-KER2 Jar comes complete and ready to use, and is compatible with Phipps & BirdTM four and six-paddle Jartesters, as well as most other stirrers.

The B-Ker2 holds a 2-Liter capacity and measures approximately 4" x 4" x 8" tall.  New model B-Ker2s have gradients silk-screened on them and come complete with a sampling port with treaded ball valve for pulling samples. 




QTY L0611031

B-KER2 Square Lab Jar