Phipps and Bird IncuMate Incubation Controller
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Turn virtually any refrigerator into a laboratory incubator with the IncuMate™ Incubation Controller from Phipps & Bird. You'll get the consistently reliable test results you require at a surprisingly affordable price.

Specially designed for use by small water and wastewater treatment facilities, the Phipps & Bird IncuMate lets you utilize a refrigerator to perform any incubation procedure requiring a temperature range of 5º to 40º C, including: biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), trihalomethane formation potential (TFP), heterotrophic plate count (HPC) and Coliform.

Just place the IncuMate unit on a wire shelf in a 6 - 16 cu. ft. refrigerator, make the simple electrical plug-in connections and turn it on. Refrigerators with automatic defrost modes should have the defrost feature disconnected.

The module's adjustable thermostat is factory set at 20º C. To raise the temperature turn the dial to the left; to lower the temperature turn the dial to the right. The IncuMate's built-in heater and circulating fan will operate continuously to provide thorough air circulation at the desired temperature. At start-up or after the temperature control has been reset, the temperature will stabilize in about an hour. Monitor the temperature with a quality-grade thermometer.

A convenience outlet is located on the back of each unit to provide electrical power to additional apparatus in the refrigerator.

For the small lab that performs a nominal number of incubations each day, Phipps & Bird's IncuMate™ Incubation Controller is the economical alternative to high-priced incubators.




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IncuMate™ Incubation Controller