Tank Sampler

  • Enables you to take a sample at a specific depth
  • Comes in two 5 foot sections of 3/4" plastic pipe
    with screw fittings
  • The unit holds approximately 3oz. per foot
  • May be extended beyond 10' length but may require
    an additional helper to operate
  • Whirl-Pak Bags


Taking a sample at a specific depth is easy with the Tank Sampler. Available as a 10 foot unit (made up of two 5 foot sections) or with extra middle sections (optional) to extend the length. The sampler is made of a tough, 3/4" diameter, special plastic pipe. Sampler holds approximately 3 oz. per foot.

To use, screw the two sections together and lower the unit to the specific depth required (the sampler is marked in one foot increments). Pull and hold the wire at the top, which opens the valve, allowing the liquid to flow in. Next, release the wire allowing the valve to close, trapping the sample inside.

To release the sample, hold the sampler in the middle at about a 15° angle and pull the wire, holding the end over an appropriate container (Whirl-Pak® bag), or press and hold the pin on the bottom against a hard surface such as the bottom of a pail. This will release the valve and the sample will flow out.
Wire at top of Tank Sampler Valve open Valve closed

QTY L1502013

10' Tank Sampler

QTY L1502113

Extra 5' Middle Section

QTY L1501413

Optional Case