LaMotte JT-1 Water Sampler



A one-liter sampler of clear acrylic furnished with a 20 meter calibrated line and a lead collar which assures rapid descent and minimal drift. A brass messenger triggers a release mechanism to seal the sample chamber with two fitted rubber plungers at the desired sampling depth. The built-in side outlet and flexible tube allows for removal of the water sample.

The LaMotte JT-1 Water Sampler is designed to take a 1.0 liter sample. It is attached to a calibrated line to measure the depth at which samples are obtained. A horizontal triggering device is activated by a brass messenger which is sent down the line to trip the closing mechanism and release the two fitted plungers. These plungers provide a positive seal and prevent the sample from mixing with intermediate layers of water as the sample is brought to the surface. A lead collar has been added to the water sampler to insure rapid descent and to minimize drifting due to current movements. The materials which were chosen to make this ruggedly constructed water sampler were selected for their ability to prevent any contamination of the sampled water. Attached to the sampling chamber is a special drain outlet for removing sample aliquots. All components of the LaMotte Water Sampler are made with non-corrosive materials.

  1. To set the trigger mechanisms, hold the sampler by the brass handle with triggers in the "up" position. Pull the cable attached to Plunger A outward and hook the loop over Trigger A. This will remove Plunger A from sampling chamber. 

  2. After the loop is hooked over Trigger A, attach the other loop to Trigger B. This will remove Plunger B from sampling chamber.

  3. The water sampler is now cocked and ready to be lowered into the water sampler by the calibrated line until the desired depth is reached.

  4. While holding the brass messenger in one hand, steadily lower the water sampler by the calibrated line until the desired depth is reached.

  5. Hold the line in a vertical position over the sampler and release the messenger to travel down the graduated line. After the messenger trips the closing mechanism, the sample within the collection chamber is sealed from mixing with unsampled water. NOTE: A slight tug on the line after the messenger had been released signals the sampler has closed.

  6. Gradually pull the water sampler to the surface with the line and carefully rest sampler on level surface.

  7. Aliquots or portions of the sample are carefully taken by standing the water sampler upright on Plunger A and unclamping the outlet tubing. Partially remove Plunger B to prevent formation of a vacuum.


QTY L1509002

LaMotte JT-1 Water Sampler