Whirl-Pak Bags


Whirl-Pak Bag

  • Sterilized
  • Thio-bags contain Sodium Thiosulfate (10mg) tablets to neutralize the chlorine at the point of collection.
  • EPA approved for potable water collection
  • 18" Water scoop holds bag for an easier collection


Whirl-Pak Thio Bag Water Scoop for Whirl-Pak Bags

Collect and transport water samples for microbiological testing with these pre-sterilized polyethylene sampling bags.  Convenient, space saving and easy-to-use.  Bags work with all Whirl-Pak accessories including scoops, sampling lines, sampling poles and racks.  And bags take up less space than bottles.

Thio-Bags: Thio Bags are EPA approved with new Stand-Up Models Pre-sterilized, single use bags save time, cost and space. Specially designed for sampling chlorinated water, the Whirl-Pak® Thio-Bag® is economical and convenient to use. This single service, sterilized, lightweight, unbreakable container is always ready for immediate use. Used by many states and EPA approved, this strong transparent bag holds a nontoxic, nonnutritive tablet containing 10 mg of active sodium Thiosulfate to neutralize chlorine at the time of collection. As an added feature, Thio-Bags® have a convenient write-on strip and markings for 100 ml and 300 ml measurements. The write-on strip will accept virtually any writing instrument and minimizes ink smearing on the surface. A box of 100 bags, each 7" x 6", takes up considerably less space than a box of 100 sample bottles. The 4 oz. (100 ml) size bags are packaged 25 in a sealed bag, four bags per box, for easy use. The entire lot is sterilized as a unit of 100. WHIRL-PAK® Sodium Thiosulfate bags are approved for collection of microbiological samples for "National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System" (NPDES) compliance monitoring.

Write-On Bags:  Write-On Bags make sample identification easy.  Large, write-on strip is smear resistant and accepts ball point pen, pencil and felt tip markers.  Write-on bags feature fill lines but DO NOT contain Sodium Thiosulfate.

Clear Bags:  Clear bags are the most economical but do not feature a write on strip and DO NOT contain Sodium Thiosulfate.

Resins used in the extrusion of film for Whirl-Pak® Bags are FDA approved. Bags are manufactured in accordance with the requirements for manufacturers of single service containers for milk and milk products. Capacity is measured in fluid ounces when bag is closed and tab folded over three times. Volume and dimensions are approximate; bags should not be used at temperatures above 180°F (82°C).


QTY L1552010

Thio-Bags, 6oz/100mL, 100ct.

QTY L1552110

Thio-Bags, 18oz/300mL, 100ct.

QTY L1550010

Clear Bags, 4oz/120mL, 500ct.

QTY L1550110

Clear Bags, 18oz/540mL, 500ct.

QTY L1551010

Write-On Bags, 4oz/120mL, 500ct.

QTY L1551110

Write-On Bags, 18oz/540mL, 500ct.

QTY L1553010

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