Liquinox Cleaning Detergent

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  • Concentrated to save you money
  • Replaces corrosive acids and hazardous solvents
  • Phosphate free, biodegradable and readily disposable
  • Free rinsing to give you reliable results and no interfering residues
  • Use to pass your cleaning validation tests for lab accreditation and plant inspection approval

Liquinox MSDS


Liquinox is a concentrated, anionic liquid detergent for manual and ultrasonic cleaning. Free rinsing to yield reliable results with no interfering residues. Extremely mild and completely soluble in hard and soft water. USDA autorized. Dilute 1:100. pH 8.5.

Liquinox can be used to clean healthcare instruments, laboratory ware, vacuum equipment, tissue culture ware, personal protective equipment, sampling apparatus, catheters, tubing, disk drives, clean rooms, EEG patient prep, optical parts, electronic components, pharmaceutical apparatus, cosmetics manufacturing equipment, metal castings, forgings and stampings, industrial parts, pipes, tanks and reactors. Authorized by the USDA for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. Passes inhibitory residue test for water analysis. Used for phosphate sensitive analysis ware.

Used to removed soil, grit, grime, slime, grease, oils, blood, tissue, particulates, deposits, chemicals and solvents. Can be used on many different surfaces. Liquinox's corrosion inhibited formulation recommends it for use on glass, metal, stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic, plastic, cement and fiberglass. Can also be used on soft metals such as copper, aluminum, zinc and magnesium if rinsed promptly. Used for art restoration as well but corrosion testing is advisable. When using Liquinox for cleaning you can utilize it for soaking, brushing, sponging, cleaning with a cloth, ultrasonic cleaning and flow through clean-in-place. Liquinox will foam so it is not for spray or machine use.

Directions: Make a fresh 1% solution (2-1/2 Tbsp per gallon, 1-1/4 oz. per gallon or 10 mL per liter) in cold, warm or hot water. If available, use warm water. Use cold water for blood stains. For difficult soils, raise water temperature and use more detergent. Clean by soak, circulate, wipe or ultrasonic method. Not for spray machines, will foam. RINSE THOROUGHLY -- preferably with running water. For critical cleaning, do final or all-rinsing in distilled, di-ionized or purified water. For food contact surfaces, rinse with potable water.


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Liquinox Cleaning Compound, 1 Gallon

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Liquinox Cleaning Compound, 1 Quart