SubSurface LC-2500 Leak Noise Correlator
LC-2500 main unit photo
  • Ruggedly Built and Weather Tight
  • Best Sensors in the Business
  • Great Sensors, Powerful Radios and Fast Processors

High Sensitivity, small diameter Black sensors standard for metal pipes and AC Mains Low Frequency Red Sensors for PVC pipes, poly services and large mains


The SubSurface LC-2500 Leak Noise Correlator is very lightweight and compact, yet it offers full capabilities for programming many different pipe materials and pipe diameters.  View data on suspect leaks in the field or download the data to PC for further analysis.  Ruggedly built and weather resistant with an industry best, a 5 year - "NO BULL" warranty. trains and supports you through the process - making sure those who use the machine are properly trained and ready to use the LC-2500.

Great Sensors, powerful radios and fast processing of sounds make the LC-2500 truly the best performing correlator for the money.  It all starts at the sensors - high sensitivity, small diameter sensors that work for metal and A/C water mains and optional low frequency red sensors for PVC pipe or plastic service mains.  The sound then goes from the sensors to powerful pre amp/transmitters with radios that go over hills and around buildings (500 milliWatts output sends signals up to 3,500 feet in each direction) to a powerful main processor unit that displays the correlation picture.

How it Works
The LC-2500 correlates the sounds found between two sensors that you place either directly on the pipe or on valves, hydrants, or anything else touching the pipe.  After inputting the type of pipe and the distance between the sensors, the LC-2500 listens and correlates the sound it hears.  If there is a leak, the sensors will pick up the noise created by the leak and send the data from both sensors back to the main processing unit where it will process thousands of data points into a graph showing the correlation or that data.  A spike on the graph (which might be created by the "hissing" of a leak) would be a good indicator of a suspect leak.

The Main Processor Unit and the Pre-Amps/Transmitters can operate in rain storms, subzero temperatures, and direct sunlight for hours.  The new LC-2500 sensors are very small in diameter and totally submersible - great for correlations using valves.  Runs all day on standard or rechargeable batteries.

The LC-2500 comes standard with Black Sensors that are used for standard metal and AC pipe.  Optional Red Sensors are for "Low Frequency" applications on PVC pipe, poly services or very large mains.

Basic Systems start at $21,450 for iron pipe sensors and $24,400 when you add in the plastic sensors.  For PC 's we offer the latest and best portable from Dell or HP - preconfigured and ready to use.  Please call customer service at 800-437-1146 (U.S.), or 516-746-0842 (All others), or request a quote for ordering.


In PIPE DATA INPUT, choose the pipe material, diameter, and length for every section of pipe between the two sensors.  Up to six pipe sections can be entered (always in order from the "Blue" sensor to the "Red" Sensor)


In FFT ANALYSIS, the user can examine the sound signals form both sensors from 0 to 5000 Hz.  The FFT function can automatically select the high and low filters if AUTO is chosen in FILTER SETUP.


In CORRELATION, the correlation "picture" indicates whether the leak sounds are clearly heard at both sensors.  The distance to the leak and the filter settings are displayed.



The LC2500 System Includes:

  • LC2500 Main Processor Unit
  • Blue Pre-Amplifier with Radio Communication
  • Red Pre-Amplifier with Radio Communication
  • Two High Sensitivity, Small Diameter Sensors for Metal Pipes
  • Aviation Grade Headphones
  • Instruction Manual and Field Guide
  • Two "Heavy Duty" Plastic Carrying Cases

Optional Accessories:

  • Two Red Sensors for PVC Pipes, "Poly" Services, and Large Diameter Mains
  • LC2500 Windows PC Software (for downloading)

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Operating Temperature Range -10 to 50 degrees C
Applicable Standard IP52 (weather tight)
External Dimensions 7.8" x 4.0" x 9.9"  W x D x H
Weight Approximately 6.8 lbs (with batteries)
Battery 4 "D" Cell
Continuous Operating Time 13 hours minimum (at 20 degrees C, backlight OFF)
Minimum Operating Voltage 4.2 V
Input Radio or Cable
Display Dot matrix LCD
Operation Polarity correlation
Td Range ▒50 ms, ▒100 ms, ▒300 ms, ▒400 ms, ▒800 ms, ▒1600 ms or automatic setting
Time Resolution Ás 25 (in ▒50 ms range), Ás 50 (in ▒100 ms range), Ás 100 (in ▒200 ms range), Ás 200 (in ▒400 ms range), Ás 400 (in ▒800 ms range), Ás 800 (in ▒1600 ms range)
Filter Range THRU, 80 Hz to 5,000 Hz (4 low and 4 high)
Notch Filter OFF, 50 Hz, 60 Hz
Auto Filter Automatically selected from FFT operation
Data Memory 100 correlations
FFT Monitor 1 kHz, 2.5 kHz, 5 kHz (common to both channels)
Sound Memory For 16 seconds
External Interface RS-232C
Operating Temperature Range -10 to 50 degrees C
Applicable Standard IP52 (weather tight)
External Dimensions 5.9" x 4.2" x 14.5" W x D x H
Weight Approximately 6.3 lbs (with batteries)
Battery 6 "D" Cell (Standard or Rechargeable)
Continuous Operating Time 10 hours minimum (at 20 degrees C, backlight OFF)
Minimum Operating Voltages 6.0 V
Input Frequency Range 20 Hz to 4 kHz (at THRU filter setting), 100 Hz to 5 kHz (at STD filter setting)
Input Sensitivity 50 micro V, max
Signal to Noise Ratio 35 dB, min
Output Frequency UHF under approved frequency
Modulation Direct Frequency modulation
Output Power 0.5 W (500 mW)
Output Impedance 50 ohms
Type Piezoelectric pick-up
Voltage Sensitivity 2.5 V/g (peak)
Applicable Standard IP68 (water-proof)
Drop Resistance 3 feet (asphalt)
External Dimensions 1.2" diameter x 5.1" high
Weight 15 ounces each
Power Supply System 3-wire
Output Impedance 100 ohms, max
Power Supply Voltage 5.0 V

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QTY P82602

LC-2500 With Iron Pipe Sensors

QTY P82601

LC-2500 with Iron and Plastic Pipe Sensors