Hach Ammonia ISE

Accurate and economical
Membrane modules for easy maintenance

Accurately measure ammonia levels in water using this gas-sensing ion selective electrode regardless of sample color and without the need for distillation from 0.06 to 17,000 ppm. Simply attach to any pH meter with a BNC connection and concentration mode. The Hach ammonia ISE utilizes screw-on membranes modules that are easy to change out when needed.

Electrode includes 3 ammonia membrane modules, filling solution and instructions. Required ISA and calibration standards must be ordered separately. If you are unsure whether or not your current pH meter will work or for recommendations on a new meter, call us.




QTY LHA5192700

Hach Ammonia Ion Selective Electrode

QTY LHA4447169

Required ISA Powder Pillows, Pack of 100

QTY LHC189149

Ammonia Calibration Std, 1 ppm, 500 mL

QTY LHC15349

Ammonia Calibration Std, 10 ppm, 500 mL

QTY LHA2406549

Calibration Std, 100 ppm, 500 mL

QTY LHA5192711

Membranes, Pack of 5

QTY LHA4447226

Electrode Fill Solution, 50 mL