Hach Digital Titrator

Hach's Digital Titrator delivers 800 digits/mL or 0.00125 mL/digit for accurate and contamination free titrations. Simply load the cartridge into the titrator with delivery tube and titrate. Accuracy is +/- 1% for readings over 100 digits (most titrations require more than 100 digits). Interchangeable cartridges ensure little risk of cross contamination.

Determine results directly in ppm from the titrator. Cartridges contain 13 mL or approximately 40-100 titrations per cartridge depending on concentration.

Digital Titrator includes five delivery tubes, case and instructions. Universal titrator kit includes the previously mentioned items along with a 100 mL graduated cylinder, a 125 mL and 250 mL erlenmeyer flasks, demineralizer bottle and clippers.

Order titrator cartridges and reagent sets separately. Not all titrations require reagent sets.




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Hach Digital Titrator

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Universal Digital Titrator Kit

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Delivery Tubes, 180 Degree Hook, 5 pack

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Delivery Tubes, 90 Degree and 180 Degree Hook, 5 pack
Cartridges and Reagents Sold Separately. Not all Titrations require Reagent Sets.