Hach® AccuVac® Ampules
  • Ampule doubles as measurement cuvette
  • Precise reagent delivery
  • EPA Compliant

AccuVac ampules offer a convenient alternative to measuring reagents. Ampules contain a precise, premeasured amount of reagent in a single use ampule that doubles as the measurement cuvette. Simply immerse the tip of the ampule in your sample and snap the tip. The vacuum packed ampule automatically draws in the sample which can be placed directly in the colorimeter. Suitable for measuring from 0.02 to 2.00 mg/L.

SPADNS - For determination of Fluoride by the SPADNS method, using AccuVac Ampules. UESPA accepted for reporting for drinking and wastewater analysis using Hach Method 8029.

SPADNS 2 (Arsenic Free) - For determination of Fluoride by Hach SPADNS 2 Method 10225, using AccuVac Ampules. The SPADNS 2 reagent formulation removes interference from chlorine without arsenic. EPA Compliant for use in drinking water and wastewater reporting programs and equivalent to the EPA reference method SM 4500-F D.



QTY LHC25060-25

SPADNS AccuVac Ampules, 25/pack

QTY LHC2527025

SPADNS 2 (Arsenic Free) AccuVac Ampules, 25/pack