Hach Arsenic Test Kit
  • Safe, low cost method for detecting arsenic levels from 0 to 500 ppb
  • Can measure organic arsenic with optional steps
  • Innovative cap design adds safety and sensitivity
  • Reaction time 30 minutes
  • Test Kit contains materials for 100 tests
  • Reagent set includes replacement reagents for 100 tests

LHC28000-00 Manual


Minimize the hazards normally associated with arsenic testing using the new Arsenic Test Kit from Hach. It's an easy-to-use, low-cost method for measuring arsenic levels in drinking water (down to 10 ppb) that minimizes your exposure to arsine gas. The kit is compact and portable, perfect for determining arsenic concentrations for monitoring or treatment purposes safely, quickly and easily. 

The Hach method for arsenic uses a series of powdered reagents and Arsenic Test Strips. Each kit contains all the reagents and apparatus you need for 100 tests, and is specially designed to minimize your exposure to hazardous reagents and arsine gas.

Minimizes reagent hazard: The Hach Arsenic Test Kit uses powdered reagents for safety. Four of the five reagents used in this test are packaged in Hach PermaChem Powder Pillows™ single use, pre-measured reagent packets that mean minimal handling and greater reagent stability. The formulation of the reagents used in this test also eliminates any interference from sulfide in the water sample.

Eliminates exposure to arsine gas: Hach specially designed the cap used in the test kit to position the test strip so that all of the arsine gas generated during the reaction is focused directly onto the reactive pad on the test strip. This special feature provides enhanced sensitivity for arsenic and virtually eliminates your exposure to arsine gas. In just 30 minutes, a color develops on the Arsenic Test Strip based on how much arsine gas was generated in the reaction. The result is then determined by comparing the test strip to a color chart. The semi-quantitative "steps" of this test are 0, 10, 30, 50, 70, 300 and 500 ppb, providing an overall range of 0-500 ppb. The test kit comes with two reaction vessels with caps so two tests can be run simultaneously.




QTY LHC28000-00

Arsenic Test Kit 0 - 500 ppb

QTY LHC27999-00

Arsenic Test Kit Reagent Set