Thermo Star A329
pH/ISE/Conductivity/RDO Meter
  • Measure pH, ISE, Conductivity and Dissolved Oxygen with one meter
  • Store up to 5,000 data sets with Time/Date stamp
  • Output via USB
Thermo Star A329 Meter
  • pH
    • Range: -2.000 to 20.000
    • Accuracy: ± 0.002
    • Resolution: 0.1, 0.01, 0.001
  • ISE
    • Range: 0 to 19999
    • Resolution: up to 3 significant figures
    • Accuracy: ±0.2 mV or ±0.05% of reading
  • Dissolved Oxygen-Optical RDO
    • Range: 0 to 50 mg/L (0 to 500% sat)
    • Resolution: 0.01, 0.1 mg/L (0.1, 1% sat)
  • Conductivity (derived parameters include resistivity, salinity and TDS)
    • Range: 0.001 to 3000 mS/cm
    • Accuracy: ±0.5% of reading or 0.001 mS/cm (4m cable)
    • Resolution: 4 significant figures
  • Temperature
    • Range: -5 to 105 degrees C
    • Accuracy: ±0.1
    • Resolution: 0.1 degree C
  • Ion Selective Electrodes

Measure pH, ISE, conductivity, temperature and dissolved oxygen with this perfectly protable, waterproof (IP67 rated) meter with protective armor and built-in probe holders. Plain language screen prompts allow user to intuitively navigate the advanced features of this meter. Don't miss a reading - AUTO-READ™ locks in the stable reading on your screen, ready indicator alerts when readings are stable and timed reading gathers data in specific time intervals.

Calibrate pH at up to 5 points with automatic recognition for USA/NIST and DIN buffers.

No need to worry about DO probe compatability - the meter accepts and automatically recognizes Orion polarographic and RDO optical/luminescence-based probes. It is easy to get accurate DO results with automatic temperature, automatic/manual barometric pressure and automatic salinity compensation when used simultaneously with conductivity. Calibrate for DO using water-saturated air, air-saturated water, a Winkler titration or zero point calibration.

Selectable cell constant allows for use with 2 or 4 cell conductivity cells. For advanced accuracy in conductivity readings, selectable reading reference temperatures of 5, 10, 15, 20 to 25 degrees C with linear, non-linear, nLFu or EP curve options plus choice of practical salinity or natural sea water curves for salinity readings.

Whether you use ISE infrequently or have multiple samples every day - up to 5 point ISE calibration with advanced features such as timed end point, linear point-to-point, non-linear selectable auto-blank and low-concentration range stability.

Non-volatile memory holds up to 5,000 data points with time and date stamp. Easily transfer data and keep meter software up to date with the USB and RS-232 ports and complimentary data analysis software.

The Star A329 meter kit includes the following electrodes with 3 m cables: 8107UWMMD Ross Triod 3-in-1 pH probe, 013010MD DuraProbe conductivity cell, 087010MD RDO optical dissolved oxygen sensor with stainless steel probe guard. In addition this kit includes 4, 7 and 10 buffer pouches, electrode storage solution, conductivity standard pouches, protective meter armor, (4) AA batteries, carrying case and instructions. 3-year meter warranty.





A329 pH Meter Kit

QTY LTO1010003

Optional AC Adapter


Ross Triode pH Electrode, sealed


DuraProbe Conductivity Cell


RDO Probe


AA Battery, each